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Are FREE BEATS "really" the answer to your dreams?

The answer to your dreams is by rapping over beats that have industry quality and an industry sound.
Instead of paying $100 per beat, the way they are advertised, we willing to give you an insane deal on our industry beats...


Membership will give you access to over "150 Untagged Beats" for you to download that can to be used on your mixtapes, demos, streams, videos, and performances!


When you start the membership, all our beats will be available for instant downloads (and every month  25+ new beats) will be available.


Use our music for with no limits on usage, views or plays. Get unlimited licenses  to distribute, perform and sell all your songs on all platforms (Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon etc).



Why the Beatflix Membership? Sometimes an artist that bought 10 beats a year is roughly spending $25 for MP3 beat that totals $250. Sometimes the beats are double the cost for the .wav files, which happens to be the better quality for recording.


So, now you are finished with your project, but you realize "Wait, I need more beats." Things can get costly. Why not get access to hundreds of beats per year for a fraction of that cost?



Don't hassle with searching for instrumentals anymore. Keep your momentum rolling with Hip Hop,  Trap, Pop & R&B banger's that will help gain you more and more notoriety on your journey to greatness.



Beats produced by some of the dopest producers all over the world. Industry quality beats and hooks from producers that have worked with Def Jam, Universal, Warner, Sony, MTV, Rick Ross, Sean Kingston, Jadakiss, Slim Thug, Alumni and so many more.



Cancel anytime! No questions asked.





What does an Beatflix subscription cover?


Everything! Download as many beats as you like. Get unlimited licenses to promote, distribute, perform and sell your songs everywhere you want. No limits!


How many beats can I download with my subscription?


Download all the beats you want. Download without limits.


Can I use the beats for commercial use?


Yes, of course. Use our music for with no limits on usage, views or plays.


Can I upgrade my account?


Yes, you can upgrade anytime.


If I cancel my account can I continue monetizing my songs?


Yes! Lifetime use for the beats you download.


Can I cancel my Beatflix subscription whenever I want?


Yes, cancel anytime. No strings attached.


Can I share my account with another person?


You can not, if we detect that you are sharing your access, we will delete your account.